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Ideal for:

Health & Fitness

Shopping Carts


Daycare Centers

Tanning Salons


Computer Centers


Chiropractic Offices


Medical / Dental

Physical Therapy


New Wipe - Kills MRSA



Kills harmful

Germs & Bacteria


Alcohol & Bleach Free

(safe to use on machines & equipment)



Internet Special


P recycling is your “footprint “for the environment

CFY is a leader in the industry for conscious packaging & shipping

TOSaway wipes poly bags and canisters are fully recyclable!


With the recent news on germs and bacteria in public places, consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about where they go and what they touch. Using machines and equipment in Health and Fitness Centers, grabbing onto a shopping cart, laying on a tanning bed, touching toys and tables in daycare centers, baby changing stations, libraries, computer centers, schools, restaurants, chiropractic offices, etc... If your customers didn't see you clean and disinfect,

How do they know it's been done!





 Gold's Gym

64 Somerset Blvd

Charles Town, WV 25414


CFY Wipes

2307 Lafayette SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Dear David,


Just a quick note thanking you for your prompt service and superior product. as I explained to you, I tested at least 5 other products before deciding you have the best product on the market.


My members are extremely pleased that we have replaced our traditional spray bottles and rags with your disposable wipes. We have been receiving compliments ever since we started using your services several months ago.


If you have any potential customers that would like to discuss your product and your outstanding service, please don't hesitate to have them call me.



Chris Cope


Gold's Gym of Charles Town                                                                




I want to thank you for your concern and prompt service.  Since ordering the CFY wipes, our patrons and students have been very pleased with the cleanliness of our facility and the ease of use of the product.  The wipes are great for both big and small jobs, and we have found other uses for them outside of the fitness center.  The most notable characteristic of the wipes is the pleasant smell.  It is great that they don't have the standard disinfectant smell.  My ladies especially love them and comment on wanting them for their homes.  Thank you for such great service and customer support as well as such a wonderful product. 




Johnna Ware

East Georgia College

Fitness Director

Instructor of Physical Education